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Model Cars and Trucks

AMT 1969 Dodge Coronet

This is built from an orginal Amt 1969 Dodge coronet funnycar body and a current Amt 1968 Plymouth roadrunner kit.The hood and was ut out with sewing thread.All trim is bare metal foil.The engine was wired and plumbe.It is a 440 hemi with a cross ram and two 4 barrel carbs.Wheels and tires were from the parts box.

Revell 1/8 Dragonfire Trike

This is built from a Revell 1/8 Scale Dragonfire Trike kit.The engine is wired and plumbed.Paint is the molded color clear coated.Cables were changed for more realism.

MPC 1/20 Ironside Van

 This was built from an original MPC 1/20 scale Ironsides van kit.Paint is champange gold.The engine was wired and plumbed. The wheel chair seat and back were detailed with a decal made from a pic of the orginal chair.All doors open and the lift is poseable.Front wheels have poseable steering.

Johan Ford Maverick FC

This was built from a Johan maverick pro stock body, a resin hood, and Johan comet funny car chassis.The engine is wired and plumbed.The decals are copies of the orginals.

MPC 1/12 Carl Casper's Shaker Trike.

 This was built from a MPC 1/12 scale Carl Casper's Shaker Trike kit.The engine is wired and plumbed.The paint is metallic blue.The decals are orginals.

ERTL International Transtar F-4270

 This was built from an Ertl International Transtar F-4270 kit.Mostly built box stock.Door decals were made by a friend.

1978 Chevy V-Plow











The truck was built from an MPC 1978 Chevy pickup kit.The engine is wired with spark plug wires,hoses and etc.The V-plow was built by a friend from scratch from real drawings.It is functional in that it does move from straight blade to scoop and also to v.It raises and lowers.It also detaches from the truck and is free standing.